This Morning

She awoke to the sun peeking through the sheer curtains, caressing her face and warming her pillow. Since she had nowhere to go this morning, she laid there a little longer enjoying the quiet and the warmth. All the panic and chaos she felt the past few days was slowly disappearing and a fresh energy has taken it's place. She looked over to the rosary hanging from her mirror and said a prayer for new challenges and new expectations  .............
As the tea steamed, she put on that old sweater by the front door. It was unseasonably warm as she sat on the front porch watching the morning unfold and thinking more about new ideas she wants to explore ............



  1. There is nothing better than a glorious morning to start the day. Especially in January! How I long to feel the warmth of the early morning sun on my skin. I hope you are staying warm!

    So sorry to read about your former blog : (

  2. My first time here visiting - and I just love the honest simplicity. Beautiful and inspiring!

  3. Hmm, what next? Morning light and optimism...perfect!

    Sarah -x-

  4. Hi,
    only just found your blog - beautiful photos : ) only sorry I wasn't able to see your other one.

  5. I will be working on a business book and releasing it in the spring next year probably. A place where I can breathe fresher and resting a bit from all the flying above the Sea World I could count on. Indeed a place where I can go! That's why your pictures seem to come to life and tell a story. They are marvellous. Happy inspiring pictures on a very pleasant daily life scene, reflecting your soul and way of thinking. A very like-minded person I am.