The road between the cabin and the house is a beautiful one.  As far as your eye can see there are towering trees, farmhouses and barns, lakes and a river, and fences that stretch into the horizon. The clouds hang low and it often feels like you're driving right into them.  The road winds and bends over hills and through little towns and over two bridges. 
Those thirty miles feel very familiar, almost like back home.  Except there is an oldness here, an old history that is felt deep, in the roots of the trees, in the boards of every barn, in the souls of the families who own this land.  You can feel it everywhere. 

The instructor of the Living Creatively class I took last December told us, to every once in awhile during our day, stop and really look at that moment in our life.  Not the snapshot/photo album moments, but the unexpected ones.....the bird on a branch, your lover's hand, the stranger in front of you, your dinner table.  Moments you want to store away and recall later, perhaps when you are feeling especially grateful for a beautiful life or need a reminder that you do indeed have a beautiful life.
I drive this road several times a day now. . . these are moments of yesterday.  
Happy Day to all of you.


The truth is, I worry that you may be tired of reading about the lake, the woods and our little cabin. I do write about it a lot, how living here has changed me, changed us both. I feel it everyday, with every morning sunrise through the trees and every pink sunset over the water. It's so wonderfully different than my life before. We live simple and small here, tucked snuggly between the trees. We have just enough here for the two of us and it's more than I thought I could ever need. It's been nice having only two plates and two bowls. Living here has been a beautiful lesson on moving ahead with a dream and the blessings of simple good things.  I hope not to exaggerate, it is after all, just a little cabin, but it has brought so much peace and calm to my life.  and for that, I owe it so much. 

What I've learned

There are just a few things that would make me happy enough to share these woods, to give up our cabin and our lovely life by the lake.  If I've learned anything this summer, it's that, from the very moment you know it's time to follow another road, so many unexpected gloriously beautiful things can happen to you. and you must open your arms wide enough to embrace them all.  It's all very cliché, what poems and stories are written about, what we teach our children, but it's so true. 

Beautiful changes
We've made a lot of progress on the house but we've blown past every deadline we've set for it to be completed.  I had hoped to have it ready by mid October for a big anniversary party with music and lights and celebrating in the backyard and guests staying in the extra rooms, but that came and went with dinner for two at the cabin.  So maybe we get it done by Christmas....or, by this weekend when our son and his new girlfriend arrive.
They just met, but he tells me he's in love.  They left most of their stuff behind, packed up the car with a tent and sleeping bags and are camping their way from Nebraska to Georgia.  Brand new and in love, they're going on an adventure.  He's following another road, just like I always hoped he would.  And the best part....we get to embrace it all with him, with them.  For that, I'm happy to give up the cabin.  In a few short days, life will be so beautifully different again.

Go down those roads, look for amazing places, curve in and out, climb high, meet, greet, love and be happy....that's what we want for our children, right?